Don’t ever feel bad about looking into the mirror for too long.

Don’t ever feel bad about taking time to remind yourself how beautiful, and worthy you are.

Go ahead. Place yourself in front of the reflection of your soul’s vessel. Run your hands over all of your curves, brush your fingertips over your blemished face.

Toss your hair in every direction the wind could possibly blow it, look your being directly in the eye, and assure yourself that you could definitely be a model.

Because you could.

Stay there, and stare.

I dare you—

Stare at your reflection until you believe in every part of yourself. Believe in your thighs, your strong legs that have carried you all your life. Believe in your voice, which may be too low or too high but contains an insurmountable power that can move mountains. Believe in your knees, knobby or thick, that allow you to move forward, to push your weary body from the ground when you fall. Believe in your belly, and the wrinkles on your face, believe in your hands, which, no matter how small or large or bony or calloused, hold the ability to sculpt change into every fold of the earth.

Believe in your mind, which is packed full with all the authority and strength you will ever need to destroy the thoughts the demons of insecurity send into your head.

You will defeat them.

Your mind is a fortress, and your body waves the flag of every victory you ever won to get to where you stand right here, now
In this moment.

I dare you—

To look into that mirror -

that panel of glass which has seen you weakened, crying out in all your frustration and wiping remnants of who you were from you streaked skin -

And if you find that it has been feeding you nothing but lies, remind it;

You are a superhero,

And nothing will ever rise higher than the power and confidence you have in the strength and ability of your being.

You are unshakable.

Don’t ever feel bad about drowning yourself in the waters of all the love you deserve,

Because I believe our generation is parched.

– (via celizasSomething I learned when I was 16

You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole.

– (via youstolemylife)

I take Peeta’s face in my hands. “Don’t worry. I’ll see you at midnight.”
I give him a kiss before he can object any further. (x)

Kill the boy and let the man be born

I take Peeta’s face in my hands. “Don’t worry. I’ll see you at midnight.”
I give him a kiss before he can object any further. (x)







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